take a close look at Fox’s Live Valve Equipped Kona

Pinkbike’s Richard Cunningham was given a look behind the curtain at Fox Racing Shox recently and their Advanced Product Group’s latest development, Live Valve. It took Pinbike enough text to fill a small novel so we won’t even bother trying to go into detail other than to say it is a game changer. Click the
0 post massive Ashes to Agassiz Photo Epic

The folks over at have just posted up one hell of an epic photo story from the upcoming Ashes to Agassiz movie. The gallery includes images from Harookz, Blake Jorgenson, Mitchell Scott, Mason Mashon and Sherpas Cinema. Ashes to Agassiz will be available on iTunes August 25th.

Cory Wallace continues winning streak on day 4 of Singletrack 6

Stage 4 at Myra Canyon in Kelowna, B.C. was tipped to be one of the most action-packed stages and it definitely didn’t disappoint, throwing everything it had at the riders. From heat to long grinding climbs followed by hair-raising descents riders got bang for their buck out there today. The jury is still out on

Ali Wilson reports from the top step at the Butte100

Firsts are definitely a thrilling part of life; first pedal without training wheels, first trail ride, first race… For me, these events involved some level of fear and a lot of anticipation. Well my most recent “first” was nothing less than this. I can’t remember what was going through my mind when I decided to