Ti Tuesday: Pierre’s 1992 Ti Hei Hei

There are a bunch of amazing Ti Kona’s residing on Retrobike.co.uk. Last week though, a picture of Pierre’s (aka 24pounces) amazing 1992 Hei Hei found its away to our inbox via Instagram, after a little digging we had a few more photos and the story behind the bike that shows just how dedicated Pierre was

Presenting Our Updated Line

We’re pleased to present our updated line for 2017.

We are pleased to present our updated line. These products represent a great deal of work from the entire Salsa Crew, along with many others. We're proud of this work and hope you have an appreciation for it. Bike are just bikes until you do something memorable with them. They offer you the opportunity to take on incredible adventures, see new places, meet people, and discover newfound abilities within yourself. That is what we encourage you to do. We thank you for your continued support.

Click on the images below to link to the updated lineup for that model.

















Introducing Woodsmoke

We are pleased to introduce a new Salsa bike model: Woodsmoke

Think of all the ways we talk about the actions, sensations, and experiences we have while riding our mountain bikes: Carve, hop, dive, huck, roll, cut inside, push outside, get loose, pull back, pop off, and million other terms come to mind. Put simply, when you and your bike are working together it seems like you can conquer any obstacle in your path. Each move through a line seems like a cohesive plan between you and your bike. A bike we feel will bring a new level of “cohesiveness” to your riding is the new Salsa Woodsmoke.


Woodsmoke is our new carbon hardtail mountain bike.

Woodsmoke 29+ XO1 in Warm Red...

The Woodsmoke frame is multiple wheelsize friendly, capable of running 29+, 27.5+, or 29er wheels. Each of these different wheel sizes delivers distinct riding characteristics:

29+ creates monumental rollover, traction and momentum.

27.5+ delivers quick, punchy grip and increased line choice.

29er boosts traditional cross-country and climbing speed.

Woodsmoke 27.5+ XO1 in Green...

At the core of Woodsmoke is a progressive trail bike geometry provided by extremely short chainstay lengths between 400 and 417 mm (depending on wheel size).  Shorter than many road bikes, this rear-center length is then paired with long front-centers, short 50 mm stems, and wide handlebars providing the best seat in the house for trail domination. 

Woodsmoke 29+ GX1 in Khaki...

We then apply this trail ripping geometry to different wheel sizes by using different tire diameters as an advantage (paired with the adjustability of our Alternator Dropouts Version 2.0) and the ability to run different fork lengths and suspension sag.  Using suspension forks between 100 – 140 mm in travel, or even our rigid Firestarter Carbon fork, the appropriate geometry can be found for how you want to ride Woodsmoke. Longer travel equals slacker headtube angles, while shorter travel (or our rigid Firestarter fork) create quicker, more race-style handling.  Note that 29+ suspension setups do require the appropriate 29+ suspension fork. It is not possible to use your 29er or 27.5+ suspension fork for that setup. 

Of course the Alternator Dropouts also allow you to set up singlespeed should you desire.

Woodsmoke 27.5+ GX1 in White...

Engineer Sean Mailen’s self-described goal for Woodsmoke was to create, “One of the best riding, most versatile hardtails ever. Over the years we’ve continued to push the rear-center lengths (i.e. chainstay length) of our mountain bikes shorter and shorter while increasing mechanical trail. This has allowed us to maintain great balance while creating a bike that is an even more capable trail ripper.” He adds, “Make no mistake about it, Woodsmoke is a screaming fast trail bike. Even set up with 29+ you feel like you are riding a quick, agile hardtail with huge traction.”

Woodsmoke 29 GX1 in Matte Black...

As Sean mentioned above, immediately noticeable on Woodsmoke is the unconventional non-symmetric chainstay arrangement. Industrial Designer Andrew Cottrell describes the driveside chainstay arrangement as “More of a midstay. It allows for the ultra short rear end, but we also worked hard to keep the frame both 1x and 2x drivetrain compatible. That’s an important distinction for riders that still appreciate having that larger gear range over steep terrain.”

Woodsmoke is available in five builds.

Woodsmoke 29+ XO1 – U.S. MSRP $3999.00 

Woodsmoke 29+ GX1 – U.S. MSRP $2999.00 

Woodsmoke 27.5+ XO1 – U.S. MSRP $3999.00  

Woodsmoke 27.5+ GX1 – U.S. MSRP $2999.00

Woodsmoke 29 GX1 – U.S. MSRP $2999.00

AVAILABILITY: ETA for all models of Woodsmoke is December 2016


Woodsmoke 29+ XO1 


Woodsmoke 29+ GX1 


Woodsmoke 27.5+ XO1 


Woodsmoke 27.5+ GX1 


Woodsmoke 29 GX1





Woodsmoke 29+


Woodsmoke 27.5+


Woodsmoke 29 



Introducing Timberjack

We’re pleased to present to you a brand new Salsa model; Timberjack.

We’re pleased to present to you a brand new Salsa model; Timberjack.

Timberjack 27.5+ GX1 in Matte Gray...

An aluminum hardtail that can wear 27.5+ or 29” wheels and tires, Timberjack is eager to tear it up on singletrack or bikepack without missing a beat. It features a ton of versatility that makes it ready for almost anything.

Timberjack 29 NX1 in Dark Blue...

Whatever wheelset you choose; Timberjack Geometry is designed to ignite your off-road experience. A short stem yields more precise steering with less required motion, a wider bar provides more front wheel control, and plenty of front-center length gives you more room for fore-aft body movement when the trail demands it. This calculated and very intentional “mechanical trail” transmits Timberjack’s capable, sure-footed feel across every frame size.

Timberjack 27.5+ GX1 in Matte Khaki...

Timberjack has a great blend of reliability and modern, trickle-down tech. Built from top-shelf aluminum, its chainstay lengths can range from stable to spunky via our Alternator Dropouts. Alternator Dropout plate options also allow 135mm QR, 142mm thru-axle, or BOOST-148 rear hub use. Internal cable and dropper post routing add to this feature-packed rig.

Timberjack 29 NX1 in Dark Red...

Salsa Engineer Sean Mailen says, “Timberjack is an aggressively modern mountain bike that makes ripping around on a hardtail extremely fun. You can venture out on terrain you thought was only rideable on a full-suspension bike and have a blast.” Industrial Designer Andrew Cottrell adds, “Timberjack is a go-to mountain hardtail. It’s built for everything you’d have in mind with a new modern trail sled, from evening trail sessions to multi-day bikepacking trips.”

We're excited to add this new platform to the Salsa line, and look forward to seeing folks put it to good use in the days ahead!

Timberjack is available in both 27.5+ and 29 versions, each in two colorways.

Timberjack 27.5+ GX1 – U.S. MSRP $1,399.00

Timberjack 29 NX1 – U.S. MSRP $999.00

Frame Only – Timberjack will be available in the Matte Gray colorway – U.S. MSRP $399.00

AVAILABILITY: ETA is October 2016


Timberjack 27.5+ GX1 


Timberjack 29 NX1









Mukluk – All New For 2017

The Mukluk is entirely new for 2017.

We’re excited to introduce you to the all-new Mukluk.

Mukluk Carbon XO1 in Raw Carbon...

It should come as no surprise to you that we here at Salsa love fatbikes. We were early adopters and immediately loved their versatility and the new experiences they provided us. Since those early days, we’ve helped revolutionize fatbikes, how people think about them and what they do on them. Four years ago, we developed Beargrease, and set the performance standard the rest of the industry followed. Then, we turned the fat world on its head with our full-suspension Bucksaw. With the new Mukluk, the evolution of fatbikes continues.

Mukluk Carbon in Matte Army Green...

The redesigned Mukluk is now available in both carbon and aluminum. The carbon frame has a refined stiffness profile, tuned to be a little more comfortable and compliant than its speed-oriented sibling, Beargrease, and more suited towards longer days in the saddle exploring. The alloy frame is constructed of top-shelf 6066-T6 aluminum.

Both frames feature our proven Alternator dropouts, the carbon using our new Version 2.0. The Mukluk Carbon comes spec’d with a two position Alternator Dropout fixed plate, with the first of the two positions allowing room for a 4.7” tire on a 70mm rim while providing a chainstay length of 432mm– the shortest fatbike chainstay available. The second position sets the wheel a little further back giving you options for larger tire/rim combinations. Adjustable plates are available aftermarket for singlespeed or fine tuning geometry/ride quality. Alternator Dropout V2.0 feature anti-slip grip to prevent any unwanted movement from pedaling or braking forces. The Alternator Dropout V2.0 is still Alternator 190 Rack compatible when used with a Salsa Rack-Lock seatpost clamp. The alloy frame uses our original Alternator Dropout V1.0 dropouts with still very short 440mm chainstays.

Mukluk Carbon GX1 in Dark Red...

197mm rear dropout spacing and a 100mm threaded bottom bracket allows a wide range of crank (and q-factor) choices whether you choose 1 or 2x drivetrains.

Mukluk geometry features a 69-degree headtube angle, a 73-degree seat tube, and a 63mm bottom bracket drop. The toptube is a little longer which plays well with current rider preferences for 60 to 70mm stems.

Mukluk NX1 SUS in White with Black...

Other frame features include two bottle mounts inside the front triangle, with an extra accessory mount under the downtube. Bosses on the toptube near the stem mate with our EXP Series Toptube Bag. The routing for derailleurs and rear brake housing are internal through the toptube, and external down the inside of the seatstays. Customizable rubber grommets for the cable ports allow different drivetrain and brake setups. Stealth routing for dropper posts is also provided.

Mukluk NX1 in Blue Teal...

Mukluk is designed and engineered to excel in the wide variety of conditions and terrain fatbikers ride in and on. For those expeditions where 5 miles in a day is a big day, to those besting-your-previous-record singletrack sessions, Mukluk will handle any challenge you throw its way.

Mukluk will be offered in five builds:

Mukluk Carbon XO1 at $4,499.00

Mukluk Carbon X1 at $3,499.00

Mukluk Carbon GX1 at $2,699.00

Mukluk ALU NX1 SUS at $2,499.00

Mukluk ALU NX1 at $1,799.00


ETA for the Mukluk Carbon models is October 2016 (Note: ETA for size XS in these models is November 2016)

ETA for the Mukluk Aluminum models is November 2016


Mukluk Carbon XO1


Mukluk Carbon X1


Mukluk Carbon GX1


Mukluk ALU NX1 SUS


Mukluk ALU NX1








Fargo – Updated For 2017

Our venerable Fargo is updated for 2017!

Fargo is our drop bar mountain bike. A cult classic with passionate devotees, it is for many the answer to the “if-I-could-only-have-one-bike” question. This year we’ve made some exciting changes to Fargo that should further establish its role as a leader in the world of adventure cycling.

The big change, literally, is that Fargo now fits bigger tires: 27.5+, 29”, and, on sizes small through x-large, 29+ tires. Pick 27.5+ for loamy, rooty, and twisty trails where body English and traction are key, 29” for hardpack singletrack, gravel and occasional pavement, and 29+ for cruise control momentum over all of the above. All three wheel sizes offer distinctively different rides, and broaden your opportunities for new experiences.

Fargo 27.5+ Rival 1 in Matte Warm Gray...

Fargo is also stronger. The frame is now constructed with our Cobra Kai tubing. This Salsa designed, triple-butted, and frame size-specific seamless CroMoly tubing delivers a tough platform that will tirelessly perform, sunup to sundown.

We preserved the same tried and true cockpit feel, but a slightly different headtube angle can now accommodate a 51mm offset fork. Fargo is designed as a drop-bar MTB that can handle everything from technical singletrack trails, two-track, gravel, and the occasional paved road. If you want to smooth any of those things out, you can throw on some suspension without affecting the front-end feel.

And finally, we added a split-able driveside Alternator Dropout for a belt drive option for those of you who really don’t like to worry about lubing a chain or riding in super mucky environments.

Fargo 29 GX 2x10 in Forest Service Green...

When you take into account all of these changes, the odds are pretty good that when you’re pouring over topo maps or Google Earth, you’ll find yourself saying, “But actually, I could go here…” a whole lot more. The already highly capable Fargo’s list of limitations just got a lot smaller, and we’re sure a lot of you will appreciate that.

We’re offering two complete bike of this newly updated Fargo:

Fargo 27.5+ Rival 1 – U.S. MSRP $2,299.00

Fargo 29 GX 2x10 - U.S. MSRP $1,699.00

The Fargo frameset will be available in the Matte Warm Grey color of the Fargo 27.5+ Rival 1 bike

AVAILABILITY: ETA for both Fargo models is November 2016


Fargo 27.5+ Rival 1


Fargo 29 GX 2x10





Long live Fargo!



Vaya – Updated For 2017 – In Stock Now!

The Vaya has been updated for 2017 and is in stock now!

Imagine a cloudless sunny day with a nice light breeze, no responsibilities to speak of in any direction, a favorite big breakfast down the hatch, and fresh-feeling legs. Grabbing a Vaya and heading out to some seldom traveled countryside is the perfect way to complete the picture.

Vaya is our road adventure and light touring bike, designed to ramble over pavement, gravel, and dirt.

Vaya’s geometry is optimized for fit with Salsa drop bars. Frame angles add up to stable handling with or without a light load. The Kung Fu tubing, crafted of triple-butted, seamless Sanko CroMoly, utilizes our own butting profile and provides all-day comfort and high-mileage durability.

Vaya GX has a full carbon fork out front with a tapered 1-1/8 to 1-¼" steerer for compliance and an ideal ride over rough, uneven surfaces. A 15 x 100mm thru-axle provides confidence inspired tracking.

Vaya GX in Orange...

Vaya GX in Blue...

Vaya Deore and Vaya Claris feature vibration eating, tapered full CroMoly forks.

Vaya Deore in Dark Red...

Vaya Deore in Dark Green...

All Vaya forks feature mid-blade rack mounts and eyelets for fenders. Fender mounts on the Vaya Carbon fork are hidden for a clean look.

Eyelets on the frame add versatility and carrying capacity. If you’re the type of rider that never looks at the forecast before you leave, carry some rain gear on a Salsa Wanderlust Rack. Maybe throw a tent, your coffee kit, or a good book on there too, to ride out an unexpected storm in style.

Vaya Claris in White...

Vaya Claris in Brown...

All Vayas have front and rear clearance for 700c x 50mm tires, or 700c x 45mm with fenders. Dress up your Vaya with some knobby treads or take comfort to the next level with the current crop of high-volume road tires on the market.

Vaya is the ideal bike for those who like to collect stories through their rides. It’s always ready and able for the picture perfect path or the ones that end up less than ideal.

This year, Vaya comes in three build levels and a host of great new colors.

Vaya GX – U.S. MSRP $1,799.00

Vaya Deore – U.S. MSRP $1,399.00

Vaya Claris – U.S. MSRP $1,099.00


Vaya GX - will be in stock in mid-August 2016

Vaya Deore IN STOCK NOW!

Vaya Claris - some sizes IN STOCK NOW! Other sizes arriving in mid-August 2016

Click here for complete information on Vaya, including Build Kit, Frame Spec, and Geometry 



Warbird – Updated For 2017

The Warbird is updated for 2017.

Warbird is THE gravel race bike. We hear it at the races and from our peers. It’s no doubt an honor, and it validates our belief that the specific demands of gravel racing warranted a specific machine.

Warbird Carbon Ultegra in Red Orange...

Warbird was built off years of racing experience by many of our sponsored riders and folks in the Salsa Crew. Gravel events like the Almanzo 100, Dirty Kanza 200, and the 340-mile Trans Iowa provided the schooling, and our senior project became the world’s first gravel racing specific bike. There’s a reason why we see such a huge number of Warbirds out on the courses of the ever growing gravel scene; for those looking for speed, comfort, and control, this bike is hard to beat.

Warbird Carbon Rival 22 Hydro in Raw Carbon...

Warbird Carbon Rival 22 Hydro in Teal...

The highlight of the Warbird frame is the Class 5™ Vibration Reduction System. Utilized in both our carbon and aluminum Warbird frames, it features specially shaped seatstays with a tall, thin, vertically oriented profile that promotes vertical compliance by allowing the seatstays to "flex" outwards on impacts. The horizontally oriented chainstays work to resist torque and maintain a laterally stiff rear end. The seatstays and chainstays lack bridges, allowing the full length of the stays to contribute to compliance. And a rear thru-axle locks the system together and delivers precise tracking. Simply put, Class 5 VRS increases rider comfort.

Warbird 105 in White...

Warbird 105 in Purple...

Warbird gets one major update for 2017. We received numerous requests for fender mounts from riders looking for a little more protection in wet weather, so we’ve added some slick hidden eyelets to both frame and fork on the latest edition.

We offer Warbird in both carbon and aluminum models, and in multiple colorways:

Warbird Carbon Ultegra – U.S. MSRP $3,999.00

Warbird Carbon Rival 22 Hydro – U.S. MSRP $2,999.00

Warbird Aluminum 105 – U.S. MSRP $2,299.00

For racing and exploring anything from the often-hazardous B-roads that connect the remotest communities of the Midwest, to the fire roads that reach the edges of the coastlines, riding a Warbird helps you pursue your upper limits in greater comfort.


ETA for Warbird Carbon Ultegra is September 2016

ETA for Warbird Carbon Rival 22 Hydro is late August 2016

ETA for Warbird Aluminum 105 is early September 2016


Warbird Carbon Ultegra 


Warbird Carbon Rival 22 Hydro 


Warbird Aluminum 105 




Warbird Geometry is unchanged for 2017 and can be found on the Warbird pages of our website.