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My New Tarmac

Well it took about 6 months from time of order to final assembly but bike is done Well really it was finished back in April- but I’m just now getting back into the website. Regardless it felt like I had laid down a ships keel not started a bike build. Pics & thoughts coming soon.

Rambling on about Carbon Fiber

Couple Ramblings: Firstly, I miss this bike & if I win the lottery I’ll buy one.  $6,250 (frame, fork, ceramic headset) is a bit dear.  Though I may repaint it.  Storck is a great bike but… well it tells us it’s a Storck a bit too often. Our Hawley rep brought it in so I […]

Jeff’s 3 R’s

The 3 R’s are: Rants- everyone says I’m negative & “don’t like anything”;  I fundamentally disagree, but… Reviews- more like random observations.  I rarely look @ et al because I figure who are these folks, what do they really know & why should I care what they think?  Now I realize, they’re me. Ramblings- […]