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Suck Creek Cycle's Facebook Wall 2015-05-02 14:07:12

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We did say there was two new models didn't we? The second new Process 134 also comes sporting our 2016 graphics package as well as a bit of extra burliness. The new Process 134DL (MS) features an almost identical build kit to the current Process DL but for those wanting a bit more stiffness we've built this bike up with the legendary 140mm @[173651222654371:274:RockShox] Pike Solo Air. Again numbers are limited so don't wait to hit up your local Kona dealer. Full Details on the Process 134DL (MS) can be found right here.

Suck Creek Cycle's Facebook Wall 2015-04-20 07:45:09

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MY ACCIDENT : I wanted to share some details of my accident 18 months ago - which left me paralyzed with T11/T12 incomplete spinal cord injury. Since the weather is improving - I see more and more people bringing out there bikes and felt the timing was right. My crash begins with having a over-packed camelback/ hydration pack with tools,phone,and shock pump. I truly feel not putting in anything in my hydration pack but just the water could have prevented my injury. If you look at the photos you can see what surely was the knob of the shock pump which is bent from the force of my crash, In about the location where my SCI took place. I'm 100% sure I would have walked away from this crash if I would've been smarter. I'm willing to take the bullet for my fellow mt bikers as long as the news gets out that you shouldn't place ANYTHING in your camelback that could jeopardize an injury of any type. Please share, retweet my message so this NEVER happens again! Twitter @eddyking619 Instagram eddyking619 #StayStrong #CureParalysisNow #WFLWorldRun #RehabPlusPHX #ProjectWalk