Mike Skiles

Mike at Dirt Demo w/ a really cool Look (not him, the bike)

I just love to ride my bike“- this quote really best sums his deep affection for the sport of cycling (if we are closed unexpectedly, that’s why).

Mike has been actively involved in the local cycling community for over 30 years now. Starting when he was just a little fella, Mike discovered his passion for staying on two wheels. Throughout his teenage years he traveled the country racing BMX bikes. Soon thereafter, Mike’s profound appreciation for mountain biking began to unfold, at which point he developed his graceful riding style, floating through the woods, as a bird through the air.  I was introduced to MTN Biking back in ’89 & can to this day remember coming to an abrupt halt when Mike would bunny-hop the 4′ log right in front of me.  Of course Mike being Mike just assumed this wasn’t an issue or particular skill so he’d not bothered to mention it to any of us folk following.  Thanks Mike. Safety tip:  don’t try to keep up w/ him on a descent (road or mountain), that can lead to a nice crash for you.

Here’s an old school photo of him jumping during his BMX days: 

Today, Mike is a very non discriminatory lover of bikes.

He is also your man for repairs great & small. If you want the answer to virtually anything bike related come to Mike, but you might have to wait a bit.  He wears about 10 hats & seems to be juggling 20 different things simultaneously.   Don’t be afraid to ask someone else in the shop for help.

Brief note about the first photo. Perhaps you noticed the beers in Mike’s hands (he’s not double fisting, one’s mine) well…  We were in Vegas for Interbike. Monday was nice but on Tuesday it rained, absolutely sheets of it. First time in Dirt Demo’s history. We did a road ride that morning, got soaked, changed, went back & spent the afternoon drinking beer. Guilt about not riding almost caused us to go get our kit, but the beer won out in the end. Cheers.

Jeff Clumpner

No bio for me, no one seems to want to write one & I’m to modest (perhaps?) to write even a brief autobiography.

However, I did post a photo. This is me supporting our local MTB trail building group, SORBA Chattanooga. This was their Ales to Trails annual fundraiser, which I encourage you to attend. If I look kind of blotto, well you might very well think that, but I couldn’t possibly comment. By the way neither of the two lovely lasses are my wife, a point she raised when this photo showed up in a local magazine. Forgive me my beautiful wife, Nicole. Also in case one was having trouble, I’m the chap in the middle.

Sam Edgemon

Sam @ Solvista bike park

Oh to be young again & to wear the steel clad armor of youth! Sam is our youngest. A fearless motorcross rider & down hill racer he brings a new set of interests to the place.

Sam is the sort of Mountain Biker who does not understand why a person would want less then 5″ travel.  He’s also the sort of guy who can ride around Raccoon on flat pedals.  He’s fun to watch fly.

Fun tidbit-  a photo of our Sam is in the Mountain Bike Trails book that’s available all over town (or @ least at our shop).

UPDATE:  Sam now has a Suck Creek “spandex” kit bibs, road shoes & at least one leg is shaved.  As recent IMBA Trail Care Crew Member Collins Bishop put it, “he’s gone over to the dark side”.

Bertram W. Wooster

David’s Little Friend, the newest member of the Alton Park-St. Elmo Zoo & sometimes shop dog.  He was weaned @ the store.  My wife found him on the roadside coke box.  Ironically, whomever had left him out to die had thoughtfully included a towel.  Sad.  I thought he’d go to the mother in law, hence the lengthy PG Wodehouse name.

He’s not there all the time but he’s often there when I’m there.  You can’t help but notice him.  Also please, please don’t let him out the front door.

David Skiles

Bertram helping w/ the bikes

Mike’s brother & Bertram’s bestest  friend.  David is our all around go to guy.  A former pro motorcycle racer he brings w/ him a long & varied list of skills & talents.  In addition to working on bikes in the shop he’s got a brisk side business repairing bikes (motorized) out back in the garage, w/ an emphasis on vintage motors.  If you need any of this sort of work done come & see him.

Justin Shipp

The newest member of our crew, Justin. He’s a really good egg, well versed in a lot of subjects & fun to just have a beer with.  Plus he has one of the coolest old rides around, a 30 year old Mercedes Turbo Diesel wagon that is powered by vegetable oil. The car fits him, but cool as the car is Justine loves his bikes even more. In addition to helping us w/ the repairs Justin also builds his own frames under the name Silent Cycle. These are some sweet lugged steel frames. He can build you a road, city, mountain or touring bike to your exact need. He’s currently working on a road bike for Mike. Silent Cycles website Silent Cycles Facebook page.

Here’s a pic:

Justin's Cross/City Bike