Santa Cruz Heckler: Super Fun All Mountain Machine

Gilligan’s HecklerGilligan built this black Santa Cruz beauty on a long Friday lunch. It’s a 2008 Heckler with X9 All-Mountain gruppo and Rock Shox Pike. This thing should be a serious all around trail machine that can handle steep climbs, jumps and drops.. and haul ass on descents and single track.

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Update from Gilligan… indeed it is an awesome ride. Total comfort, total speed. It stays glued to the trail… except, of course, when it’s in the air… and that was pretty often today. It was the most fun I’ve had on a bike in ages. It was almost like cheating after years on a Litespeed hardtail. I am an old codger now, so I need the plushness of 5.5″ of air suspension.

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