Mountain Bike of the Year: 2 out of 3 nominees!

Pinkbike just published their Gear Awards nominees, and 2 out of 3 Mountain Bike of the Year candidates come from Suck Creek vendors. Here’s what the pinkos had to say about these 2 incredible bikes:

Kona Process 111

With handling that defies all logic, we have to say that this is the bike that 29er doubters need to spend a few days aboard. Kona went and put geometry above all else on the priority list when they penned the 111, and the result is a big-wheeler that most every 26″ wheeled bike could take a lesson from when talking about carving corners and liveliness.


Think we’re joking? We challenge even the most mature and dyed in the wool cross-country bandit to ride the 111 without letting their inner twelve year old out to play. The open minded folk at Kona might have inadvertently created an entirely new sub-category of bike, because this short travel rig has geometry that allows it to be ridden in places where other bikes with similar amounts of suspension travel would stutter and stall.

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Santa Cruz Bronson

As one of the more popular bikes on most riders’ wish lists this past spring, the 650B wheeled Bronson is undoubtedly part of the new breed of ultra-capable trail bikes. From pinning it down bike park chunder to slogging through all day epics, the 150mm travel Bronson packs it all in and does so with style.


And although 150mm is more travel than needed for a lot of terrain, the bike is an efficient pedalling and comfortable package that defines all around usability. There’s no doubt that the Bronson is a singletrack slaying machine, but one look around any popular trailhead and it’s apparent just how well rounded this bike is for the everyday trail rider.

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