2014 Santa Cruz 5010 Carbon XX1 AM 27.5 with ENVE Wheels

The 125mm travel Santa Cruz Solo – excuse us, Santa Cruz “5010” – entered the 2014 lineup as a smaller brother to the Bronson. Compared to the well-regarded Blur TRc, at first glance you’re sure to notice the new wheel size, but there’s much more to the story.

We have a Large 5010 Aluminum ($3299) as of Feb 24, so drop in and check it out.

The bike sees updates to the geometry, suspension tweaks, feature updates and more. As one of the most memorable videos of 2013 showed, the bike was designed to take to cover some serious ground on your adventures, but also to be a capable rig that’s at home even under downhill crushers like Steve Peat. Having only gotten a taste of what the bike had to offer during the official launch, Vital MTB invited the boys from Santa Cruz to send one over for the2014 Vital MTB Test Sessions in Sedona, Arizona.





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