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Focus Bikes 2013 road, urban and cyclo-cross

What’s new from Focus Bikes in 2013? We travelled to their base in Cloppenburg, Germany to look at the range. Here’s what’s on offer in the road, urban and cyclo-cross areas.

Focus Izalco Team SL

Focus had huge success with the Izalco winning Cycling Plus’s bike of the year this year, and numerous other awards worldwide. They haven’t rested on their laurels though, and with the imminent announcement of a return to the ProTour front line with a new team sponsorship they felt the need to further improve the existing Izalco Team platform.This has resulted in taking the Izalco back to the drawing board.

The frame has been optimised with regards to its carbon lay-up, a new BB shell (which switches to the PF30 standard) is now all carbon, and the weight of the all carbon drop-outs reduced. The frame now also comes in two guises, one specific to electronic transmissions, one for mechanical. Even small touches like the seat collar have been looked at with the new carbon collar tipping the scales at a svelte 14g. The frame weight has dropped below the magical kilo to a claimed 934g too.

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