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My New Tarmac

Well it took about 6 months from time of order to final assembly but bike is done Well really it was finished back in April- but I’m just now getting back into the website. Regardless it felt like I had laid down a ships keel not started a bike build.

Pics & thoughts coming soon.


Rambling on about Carbon Fiber

Couple Ramblings:

Firstly, I miss this bike & if I win the lottery I’ll buy one.  $6,250 (frame, fork, ceramic headset) is a bit dear.  Though I may repaint it.  Storck is a great bike but… well it tells us it’s a Storck a bit too often.

Fascenario 0.7

Our Hawley rep brought it in so I can ride it & the 4 months were a true pleasure.  Thank you Glenn.  FYI if you go to Bike Radar for a nice review. I miss it so.

If you ask nicely we might be able to get you one.

An artsy shot by Sam

My 2010 Tarmac was such a pretty bike. That’s not me being metrosexual, that is what I’ve been told on a number of times.   Frequently whilst riding it w/ others.  Often by men, who @ least in my experience don’t often do that sort or thing.

By the way, out of 18 road bikes in 2.5 years this one has been my second favorite (Storck wins the #1 spot, damn well ought to at $12k)

My New Bike:

My what dainty seat stays you have. (Ps. that's Saul Raisin's jersey behind it)

We are still waiting on all the parts to make it go.  It will be built up w/ SRAM’s Red Group.  Final wheel choice TBA.

It is a Tarmac SL3 Project Black frame set.  Oddly this is only offered as a frame set for 2011.

The obligatory "Beefy Bottom Bracket shot"


Jeff’s 3 R’s

The 3 R’s are:

  1. Rants- everyone says I’m negative & “don’t like anything”;  I fundamentally disagree, but…
  2. Reviews- more like random observations.  I rarely look @ et al because I figure who are these folks, what do they really know & why should I care what they think?  Now I realize, they’re me.
  3. Ramblings- see the above two, I just wanted it to be a trio.