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North American Handmade Bicycle Show

North American Handmade Bicycle Show

Our favorite drool-fest of custom cycle creativity is happening in Richmond in late February, and Shimano has signed on as title sponsor of the boutique builders’ big get together.

Do you dream of one day owning a custom bike? Come talk to us and let’s see how we can make your dreams come true. If you see something you like, chances are we can help you assemble something using off-the-shelf production frames and components that will be nearly as nice, though not so personal or spendy.

Or, maybe you’d like a retro ride similar to the new customs… well, we can help there too. We are experts at rebuilding old bikes, repainting, and updating… maybe you have an old faithful steed that you’d like to dress up… maybe add fenders, a Brooks saddle and moustache bars to an old road bike? Or maybe you’d like a fixed gear like all the young hipsters around town? We do that.


Custom Bicycle Consultation and Construction

While off-the-shelf bikes make sense for many riders in terms of fit and price, serious cyclists want a more personal relationship with their machine. Here at Suck Creek, we’ve been building custom bikes for our dedicated customers for over 10 years.

  1. We’ll use our Fit Kit expertise to get a good baseline of measurements for a frame and cockpit that will respond to your every input…
  2. We’ll discuss your riding style and terrain preferences…
  3. Then we’ll take you for a ride on our favorite trails or asphalt and get a little more info and insight into your skills and needs…

After we understand your physical and psychological needs, we’ll recommend frames from our many stock and custom vendors, then begin working on a budget for finishes, gruppo and components to round out your ride.

Retro Rides, Make-Overs and Commuter Cruisers

If you’re not in the market for a brand-spanking new bike, maybe we can interest you in a refurbished retro ride… you’ll see a lot of our retro fixies and commuter bikes around town… maybe you even have some old frames or parts you’d like to get rid of… let’s talk!


Low-brow fixie rat rod

Fixed Gear bikes make great cruisers for the downtown area. This was a dad-n-lad project to provide Gilligan’s 15 year old son some transpo for the summer.

Behold! il Nero Celeste:

  • Early-80s Bianchi racing frame, Shimano 600 crank & headset donated by everyone’s favorite Chattanooga cycling couple, Daisy & Hugh.
  • Wheelset from a Bianchi Pista.
  • Cane Creek CrosStop lever working a Shimano 105 caliper.
  • Thomson seatpost from a Southern Off-Road Bicycle Association raffle. Flite Ti saddle resurfaced by the boy with heirloom leather.
  • Jamis cruiser bar (flipped), Syncros stem, Wellgo platform pedals and all other bits-n-pieces from the Suck Creek Cycle parts bin.

Now featured on Fixed Gear Gallery !


Fixie Revival

Fixies are back! But what is a fixie? A fixie (fixed gear) is a bike with only one gear that cannot coast… if the wheels are moving, so are the pedals. Riders take a few minutes to get accustomed to this feeling, but once they do , they find that fixies are a lot of fun. Cyclists in Chattanooga have been taking their old road bikes and converting them to fixies, because these stripped down bikes are great for commuting, or just cruising around town.

A complete overhaul (new parts and paint) will run you around $500. If you simply want to change the gearing though, you are looking at about $200. If you are interested, bring your old bike by and we will get you up a running on your new fixie! Here are a few pictures of Jeff Cannon’s Beauty.

…and for some inspiration, be sure to check out the definitive online repository of fabulous fixies:
Fixed Gear Gallery

Some folks run their fixies with no brakes, but this is not very practical in hilly Chattanooga. We suggest a front brake, because you get some rear wheel braking by reversing pressure on the pedals, and the front brake does most of the work during a stop. We’ve seen a few fixies running both brakes, and this might be a good option if you are concerned about safety. Another option is to run a freewheel on the rear so you can coast; some “dually” single-speed hubs have a fixed side with dual threading (for a cog and lockring) and a freewheel side with normal threading.


Schwinn TWINN tandem makeover

Tarbell has been working on her for a few months now, and she’s gone from beater/basketcase to beautiful bicycle. Truly a wondrous transformation from rustbucket to droolicious bicycle-built-for-two.

Behold Eloise, the Schwinn TWINN tandem. Custom paint, new running gear, re-chromed cranks, Shimano 7-speed hub gearing, and custom reproduction badges.

If you have an old classic in the garage, bring her in and we’ll see what we can do to get her rolling again.

Single Speed conversions are happening now! There’s life after death for these old steeds! Who says hot rods have to run V-8’s? Not US!


Check Out the build pictures »

Schwinn Twinn logos - PDF download