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Santa Cruz Jackal When Logan Peat and Josh Bryceland rolled into Santa Cruz on their Jackals, we rolled up in a 1949 GM 4101 Union Pacific Streamliner to show them around.

Still using its original super-charged two-stroke straight-six Detroit Diesel power plant connected to a Spicer 4-speed manual transmission, the "Crazy Train" is the last running coach of ten, made for ferrying passengers from Union Pacific's Los Angeles terminal in the fifties and sixties.

Still using unique sliding dropouts to accommodate gears or single speeds, connected to the frame via compact chainstays on a super-strong asymmetrical yoke, the Jackal was made for ferrying passengers over dirt jumps, street obstacles, amusement parks and anything else you might encounter on a rampage around town.

Cast: santa cruz bikes, Justin Brantley and Devin Schmitt

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Bike editor’s 2013 Santa Cruz Tallboy LTc

I threw the 29er to the ground and stalked off into the woods. Godalmighty, I hated these things. Stupid-long rear centers, senile shopping cart handling up front and some kind of evil Gypsy curse against the whole breed of wagon wheelers that made performing the smallest of wheelies and manuals some kind of Herculean feat of strength.

I hated 29ers. It was that simple. Continue Reading →


Mavic Notch Helmet

Mavic’s new Notch helmet is well ventilated, a little deeper than traditional cross-country helmets and lighter than many, while also meeting both European and U.S. helmet safety standards.

Three sizes are offered (S, M, L) and the helmet features a very lightweight and minimal retention system dubbed Ergo Hold SI. Ask us to help you adjust the depth setting of the retention system to find the most comfortable and secure fit. Continue Reading →


Interbike 2013 Day 2

With my first day of Interbike behind me and the still lingering high that was the superb CrossVegas CX race from last night, I decided to visit some of the great companies we carry in the shop. I went by the Jamis booth first to check out what they have coming for 2014. One of the first things I noticed is that companies are starting to be sneaky by hiding the brakes on their road bikes and Jamis is among them, hiding them behind the fork and at the chain stays (as well as Giant and Look). Jamis’s 2014 Xenith line of road bikes has taken their carbon race frame and given it a little reworking that looks really good in person. They even spec’d their top tier Xenith with Ritchey Super Logic bits which is something I really like. Continue Reading →


Interbike 2013 Day 1

So with the first day of Interbike that was I was actually able to attend coming to a close, I’ve come to understand that it’s crazy packed with people and HUGE, seriously, my legs hurt. There’s no way you can see or experience everything in a day, or two even, but my first day here I decided to do a walk through and just take it all in. Continue Reading →