Suck Creek Stars in a Specialized Ad

Well in fairness, starring might be a wee embellishment, but we are in it. Perhaps this is our 15 minutes of fame…

Specialized water bottles really are the industry standard. Unless your bike shop is, say, a Trek store chances are very good that the bottle you are using was made by Specialized. Well, in a mailing promoting their bottle line up there is a large two page spread featuring 9 shop’s/organization’s bottles & guess what, we made it into that. Woohoo! Bye the bye, this mailing is sent to bike shops all across this country. We are famous, sort of.

Well like I said, this might be a small exaggeration, but still it is cool.

Here’s a bit of info on the Purist bottles. They are safe, no BPA in the plastic. Easier to squeeze. 100% recyclable. Dishwasher safe.Furthermore they hold more than the old school bottles. Normal bottles hold 21oz & 24oz (small & large), Purists hold 22oz & 26oz respectively. Those extra ounces may well come in handy. Plus you can use your smaller bottles on more rides & we all know that looks more pro. Oh I almost forgot, they taste great, or as Specialized puts it “as close to drinking from a glass as you can get”. Nothing sticks to it. As an added benefit a simple rinse & mold/residue is eliminated.  They are coated w/ naturally occurring silicon dioxide, so don’t scrub your bottle or you’ll damage the coating & there goes a lot of the benefits.

When I heard that they were coming out I was skeptical. Great, another bottle, BFD. Well they do work. I use them in lieu of a glass here @ work. That is how pure the Purist is.

Here are a couple pics of the ad:

Least you think both Specialized (they are) & I (like to think I’m not) are biased, these are Bike Radar’s thoughts on the Purist bottle.

PS. we are priced below MSRP. $12 for a bottle, geez.

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2 Responses to Suck Creek Stars in a Specialized Ad

  1. Ethan Alan February 6, 2012 at 10:43 am #

    priced ‘bellow’ MSRP ???

  2. Jeff February 6, 2012 at 6:13 pm #

    Ethan was commenting on the original sentence which was: “PS. we are priced bellow MSRP. $12 for a bottle, geez.”.

    Ouch! Well at least it means that one person has read our page.

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