R.I.P. Will

From Scot Nicol:
A terrible tragedy hit the Enduro World Series race this last weekend in Crested Butte Colorado. On the first stage of the second day of racing, Will Olson crashed hard and succumbed to his injuries. Medics were on the scene quickly, but Will was gone fast.
Will spent a week with me at my house a few years ago, doing great road rides in Santa Rosa. I last saw Will on Thursday before the race.
I knew WIll through his best buddy Mike Pastore, who as you might imagine is crushed by the news of his friend's passing. My thoughts go out to Will's family, his girlfriend and his friends including Mike.
Will went quick, and it was doing what he loved, but he had a lot of years ahead of him.
The race in Crested Butte was cancelled and the organizers put together a beautiful memorial ride for Will on Sunday afternoon.
The weather was overcast, appropriate for the somber mood.
Here are a couple of shots of Will's memorial ride.

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