Outerbike Before Party 2015 Edition

One of our very favorite events of the year is Outerbike, held the first weekend of October out in Moab UT. If you haven't been and are looking to ride some nice bikes in a fantastic place, look no further.

We'll be there again this time with our new bigger fleet of demo bikes. We'll have thirty something demo bikes there, a full compliment of Mojo HD3s and Ripleys. At left is a picture of a prior Outerbike during happy hour. Being Utah, you need to stay corraled into a fence area if you want to be drinking beer. We had a front row seat to observe all the sinners. 

Outerbike is officially Friday Oct 2nd to Sunday Oct 4th. We'll be there for those three days. The first morning, Friday, we'll start letting bikes out as soon as the gates are open. At 4PM, we'll start sign ups for Saturday's ride, and on Saturday at 4, we'll do sign ups for Sunday's ride. So come on by our booth just before happy hour to get your next day's bike reserved.

Before Party

Usually you hear about an after party. At Outerbike, we're doing a before party. Well, more of a ride actually, but it'll be somewhat of a party we think.

In conjunction with our Moab retailer Poison Spider Bicycles, and our good friends at Magpie Cycling, we'll be running a guided ride on Oct 1st. Your hosts will be Scot Nicol, our founder, Kirk Telaneus, our demo man, and our friends at Magpie Cycling. They will provide transportation and a phenomenal amount of local trail knowledge and entertainment. 

We are charging for these demos, with nearly all the proceeds going to Moab Trail Mix, the good folks who have been bringing you all the amazing new trails that have been popping up around Moab these last few years. 

Brand New Bikes!

We've just finished building up some fresh new Ripleys for these rides, complete with a Moab friendly build of our fantastic 941 wheels, and the stellar 2016 Fox suspension including the new Float 34 fork and DPS EVOL shock. Note that these are the original Geometry Ripleys, not the new LS model. 

And if  you're looking for a little burlier ride, we'll have LOTS of Mojo HD3s, with 160mm travel Fox Float 36s on there, our 741s wheels, on the HD3s, and a full on XTR build.

Hazard County/Enchilada

On Thursday, we'll shuttle up and do the best part of the famous Whole Enchilada ride, followed by a ride back into town for some refreshments at the shop. We have 11 places open on the shuttle van. 

Cost is $85, and includes:

  • All day rental of either an Ibis Ripley or Mojo HD3, fully kitted with XTR or XT parts and a nice KS LEV dropper post.
  • Shuttle Service to the Trailhead
  • Lunch
  • Beverages
  • After ride beverages, possibly imported from another state, if you know what we mean
  • Fully guided and supported
  • We are donating $65 of this rental cost to Moab Trail Mix

We'll meet at Poison Spider at 9:00AM for bike fitting, suspension tuning and getting to know each other. As soon as we can, we'll load up the van and head out to the trailhead, we're thinking somewhere around 10AM. 

Poison Spider is handling the reservations for this ride VIA EMAIL ONLY. Simply write to Poison Spider's owner Scott, and he will take care of you. He's at: scott@poisonspiderbicycles.com Note that it's probably best not to call the shop, Scott will take care of things.

Note that we also have the rest of our demo bikes available this day for non-guided demos. Demo fee is $65 for all day, and we are donating $55 of it to Moab Trail Mix (we're just covering the out of pocket expenses with the other $10). Email Scott to reserve your bike.

There are several other guided ride options if our rides fill up, or if our rides are not your cup of tea. Check out Outerbike's schedule here, the are offering a wide variety of rides and clinics. You are welcome to use our bikes for any of Outerbike's offerings.

Heck, here's another picture, this one from our friend Tyler Roemer.

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