$5 a Foot – Gold in them thar hills edition

There's Gold in Them Thar Hills.

For $5, you can buy a foot of trail. By buying a foot, two feet, ten feet or a mile of trail, you’ll get a chance at winning the most fully pimped out Ibis we’ve ever done...

The trails around Downieville and the Lakes Basin are legendary. And while legendary is good, more legendary is better. We are working on a project that is sure to up the legendary status of this area and we’re asking for your help.

For $5, you can buy a foot of trail. By buying a foot, two feet, ten feet or a mile of trail, you’ll get a chance at winning the most fully pimped out Ibis we’ve ever done, ever (details below). At the end of the campaign, we’ll draw a name out of a hat (or maybe a gold mining pan) and pick a winner. The more feet you buy, the more times your name will be in the hat, and the higher the likelihood that you’ll end up going to heaven.

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To help us realize the goal of making the trails more legendary, Ibis has teamed up with the Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship, SRAM, Fox, Industry Nine and WTB to bring you this incredible bike. You could do this on that bike:

The winner will get to choose from any of our bikes, and we will outfit the bike thusly:

  • Ibis Frameset, choice of Mojo 3, Ripley LS or Mojo HD3, custom graphics courtesy of Stikrd
  • Custom wheelset built by Industry Nine with Ibis asymmetric carbon fiber rims, Industry Nine Torch hubs and gold (!) aluminum spokes
  • SRAM Eagle XX1 12 speed group and it’s gold too
  • Fox Factory Float Kashima (gold!) Fork and Shock and Transfer dropper
  • WTB tires, saddle, grips
  • Ibis carbon handlebars


You’re probably wondering why the obsession with gold.

For one thing, Downieville was founded as a gold mining town in 1849 when gold was first discovered there. Over the hill from Downieville is Lakes Basin, home of Gold Lake. Here’s how the Stewardship describes it:

The legend of the Lakes Basin began in the early 1850s, when Thomas Robertson Stoddard claimed he stumbled upon a lake whose shores were glimmering with gold nuggets. His alleged story spread like wildfire, and by the following spring, thousands of prospectors searched for this elusive lake of gold. They found the lake, now known as Gold Lake, but the nuggets laying in plain sight never panned out. There were calls for Stoddard's head after discovering his story was bunk, but by then the raconteur and his gold were long gone.

We think it’s time to bring some gold back to Lakes Basin, in the form of a properly outfitted Ibis, glistening (tastefully of course) with gold.

Ibis and the Mills Peak Trail

Ibis has been a long-time partner of the Stewardship, and the funds raised from a previous Ibis 5 Bucks a Foot campaign built Mills Peak Trail. Part of the proceeds from this year's 5 Bucks a Foot will also go to helping fund two new proposed sections of singletrack on Mills Peak that are currently in the planning stages.

One section is proposed to connect the top of Mills Peak Trail with the Round Lake Trailhead off Gold Lake Highway, creating five new miles of singletrack. The other section of trail in planning is the much anticipated bypass of the fire road midway down the singletrack descent. This new section of singletrack will be three miles in length. If approved by the U.S. Forest Service, Beckwourth Ranger District, riders will be able to pedal 16 miles of singletrack from Round Lake Trailhead all the way to Graeagle, taking Mills Peak Trail to a whole new level.

If there is any place the Stewardship can show off its rock work artistry, it's in the Lakes Basin. In fact, virtually all of the trails in the Lakes Basin have been maintained and improved by the Stewardship, using sustainable rock armoring techniques, rock-lined drainages and elevated rock bridges over marsh areas to ensure that non-motorized recreation has as little impact on habitat as possible.

Be a part of the magic!

Show your support for one of the most magical regions in all the Sierra Nevada by purchasing as many feet of trail as you can. The payoff is world class recreation while helping employ local residents to keep our mountain communities thriving. And for one lucky winner, a brand new custom Ibis worth $10,000.

More info from the Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship and this $5 a Foot campaign can be found here.

Purchase feet of trail directly using PayPal here:

Or with your credit card at the bootm of this page:

For more information on the Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship, visit sierratrails.org or follow us on Instagram and Facebook.


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