Lynskey Customs on the Drawing Board!

Several customers are taking advantage of the Lynskey Club Sales Event to create their ultimate titanium dreambikes.

Lynskey Roadie Lynskey Cruiser Lynskey Roadie

Jamie Pillsbury sent these preliminary design proofs for us to check out. They will be in the shop soon getting built up… check back soon for photos of the real things!

If you have ever thought about getting a custom frame, there is no time like the present. Lynskey are offering what amounts to wholesale pricing on their quality, Made-In-Tennessee titanium frames, and a super special deal on the Club Edition… a full Ultegra build for only $2727.00!

You will not see another deal like this in, well, probably, EVER. Call Mr Cash and beg him to wait until your tax refund check arrives…

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