Fixie Revival

Fixies are back! But what is a fixie? A fixie (fixed gear) is a bike with only one gear that cannot coast… if the wheels are moving, so are the pedals. Riders take a few minutes to get accustomed to this feeling, but once they do , they find that fixies are a lot of fun. Cyclists in Chattanooga have been taking their old road bikes and converting them to fixies, because these stripped down bikes are great for commuting, or just cruising around town.

A complete overhaul (new parts and paint) will run you around $500. If you simply want to change the gearing though, you are looking at about $200. If you are interested, bring your old bike by and we will get you up a running on your new fixie! Here are a few pictures of Jeff Cannon’s Beauty.

…and for some inspiration, be sure to check out the definitive online repository of fabulous fixies:
Fixed Gear Gallery

Some folks run their fixies with no brakes, but this is not very practical in hilly Chattanooga. We suggest a front brake, because you get some rear wheel braking by reversing pressure on the pedals, and the front brake does most of the work during a stop. We’ve seen a few fixies running both brakes, and this might be a good option if you are concerned about safety. Another option is to run a freewheel on the rear so you can coast; some “dually” single-speed hubs have a fixed side with dual threading (for a cog and lockring) and a freewheel side with normal threading.

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