We are getting some brief updates from Trans Provence in French. So our resident…

We are getting some brief updates from Trans Provence in French. So our resident Frenchman Olivier is doing some nice translations for us. Thank you OG!


ACC is racing the Trans Provence this week and we will follow her on this incredible experience.
THE TRANS-PROVENCE is a seven-day epic event in its 4th year and has been described as being β€œthe definitive allmountain bike race.” What makes this event especially different is the format and the location in Southern of France between Gap to Monaco..

Arriving last night in Rochebrune ACC got her room that she will enjoy all week… She actually discover her nice little tent that the organisation is providing to the 70 participants. That is the particularity of the Transprovence where even if you are multiple times world champion like Nico Vouilloz or ACC all the riders get to sleep at the same camp 'bivouac' in a tent.

Tonight after her first day race ACC was telling us that this event was how she was expecting it…
-"This event probably is the most incredible and tough I have ever participated in"

She got the second time at the first stage 40 secondes behind the first women. It was a hell of a stage apparently with a lot of pedaling but she ended up the day at the 1st position in Women overall. The women competition should be exciting with several strong riders.
ACC will have to stay focus and be able to ride consistent and fast all week because it is not just an adventure ride the competition will be intense.

Tonight the bivouac is at Clamensane in the Alpes. Tomorrow sounds like a major day with over 45 kilometers very hard towards Dignes les Bains.


We look forward to hear from you tomorrow again after day 2 then, Bonne Chance πŸ˜‰

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