We're still hoping for a few pictures from the Trans Provence race. For now we h…

We're still hoping for a few pictures from the Trans Provence race. For now we have another report. The weather sounded pretty gnarly on day two.
Here's another nice translation from Olivier.

#Challenging day at the TransProvence

The second day was expected as a difficult day but not as challenging. ACC had a very tough day today especially because of the weather.
She was riding with Nico (Nicolas Vouilloz) a long climb on the transition before the last stage when a crazy storm came in. They were both getting ready before the start of the Speciale at 6000ft of altitude when the hail covered the trails. After the hail a really heavy rain showed up and ACC and the rest of the Elite riders had to ride the last stage on some extremely sketchy conditions . The trails were so slippery that the goal for ACC was just finishing the stage without getting hurt.
-"the conditions were so hard with the wind, the hail then the rain that it was impossible to ride fast without getting in trouble,so I just tried my best to keep a consistent rhythm and safe pace."
A lot of the fastest riders had to deal with this last storm that changed the conditions of the last stage. The bad news was when they found out that their time was almost several minutes behind the riders who rode before the storm.
Luckily ACC is still leading the race tonight for the Women category with 2 minutes ahead and she is 23rd overall.
Tonight everybody is sleeping in a wet tent at Dignes before an other long day with 3 stages before finishing at Colmars 45 kilometers later…

Bon Courage Anne Caro, Vas Y !

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