Quick update on the Trans Provence after day 4. ACC extends her lead and Jerome…

Quick update on the Trans Provence after day 4.
ACC extends her lead and Jerome Clementz is back in the men folk lead.
Both Singletrack and Bike post nice stories on yesterday's stage.

And a quick note about Anne's day yesterday

Trans Provence day 3 from Dignes les Bains to Villars Colmars

Tonight ACC seems really tired after a long day of riding…
-"The first 2 Speciales were fun with a big variety of terrain and some of the best single tracks you can imagine, although the last Speciale of the day was too much…."

Even if you are a Champion in great shape the Trans Provence can get you and tonight Anne Caro was saying that she is really sore and tired. The very physical last Special took her a lot of energy and Rosara Joseph took first for this stage with 43 secondes ahead of ACC.
Even after a difficult day she is still enjoying the unique experience of participating in the Trans Provence.
It's not an easy event, there is no staff taking care of her. She will be sleeping in her tent in a camp like the rest of the riders.
But the adventure is so unique and the ride so exceptional that no one seems to be complaining.
Anne told us that she brings the following in her Camelbak: 3 liters of water, 2 pairs of gloves, googles, 2 lens, plus raining gear, a chain, 2 tubes, plus all the tools pump etc.

We see from today's results that ACC recovered and took more time out of second place.
We'll keep you in touch with more news from Anne Caro. Wishing her good luck in the rest of the stages.

2012 Trans Provence: Day Three
Suffering at the alter of self-inflicted mental torture, only to be resurrected by the realization that a tumble and a hiss doesn’t really count.

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