Santa Cruz hit the Enduro World Series in Finale Ligure

When the Syndicate turn up to a World Cup DH race, it's a given they'll be on a V10s. But when a whole bunch of Santa Cruz rider's show up for an Enduro World Series race, it's anyone's guess.

Steve Peat, Josh Bryceland, Cedric Gracia and ace privateer of the season, Jamie Nicoll, all showed up to the finale in Finale on different models of Santa Cruz.

4 different frame designs, 4 different amounts of travel and 3 different wheel sizes.

So if you've been deliberating over which Santa Cruz would suit your style of enduro racing best, we've probably just made things a whole lot harder… or perhaps easier… who the hell knows anymore.

Just enjoy the video, enjoy riding your bike, and rest assured that there is no strictly right or wrong decision when it comes to this game. So long as it's a Santa Cruz of course...

Cast: Santa Cruz Bicycles

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