Inside the Kona Process

Even though 2014 has yet to step through the door, we’ve been talking about the new Kona Process line for ages. First, we featured our Blueprint video, in which we went straight to Kona and got the low down on the new bike from Kona Product Manager, Chris Mandell.



Next, Seb Kemp spent several months flogging all three bikes around Whistler and laid down this MASSIVE REVIEW OF ALL THREE KONA PROCESS LINES. If you really want to know why these bikes matter and how the different Process models compare with one another, you should really read Kemp’s review.

Kona Process: 29ers and 650s… the new kings of all mountain

And, yep, we’re profiling another Process in our Bible of Bike Tests issue, which will hit the streets in early January.

Why are we devoting so much ink to the new Process line? Because Kona hit the nail on the head with these new rigs.

Kona’s new video above doesn’t go deep into the what’s and why’s of the Process (check out our Blueprint video, above, for the in-depth story), but it does feature some absolutely beautiful riding in it, which makes it well worth the click.

By Vernon Felton via BIKE Magazine.

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