Have Dirt, Will Travel

Essays On a Mountain Bike Road Trip: A New Storysite from Salsa Cycles.

A New Storysite from Salsa Cycles

Explorers tend to wander beyond the familiar. It can’t be helped. Mountain bikes, by their very nature, turn riders into explorers. It makes sense, then, that road trips centered around mountain biking are as necessary as they are. Few things can sate the restless off-roader’s thirst like the opportunity to dive into new trails in a new place.

I could listen to junior high school jazz band practice for a week and be okay if I knew there was a road trip at the end of it. The memories from the ones I’ve been lucky enough to go on fill volumes in the “Good Stuff” section of my brain. Long after the trips have ended, the experiences still deliver happiness, calm, and, not surprisingly, more wanderlust.

Have Dirt, Will Travel–Essays On a Mountain Bike Road Trip are written based off of the details that these excursions always seem to include. Many of us can probably relate, because they just seem to come with the territory. They feed us, bring us together, make us laugh, work us over, and make it hard sometimes to find the right words for describing how our version of them went down. And they most definitely keep us looking for more opportunities to continue searching.

Tune in today and over the following five days for another essay each morning. We hope you enjoy them, and that they inspire you to set some time aside for your bike, some friends, and an unfamiliar spot on a map.

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