Introducing Redpoint!

Introducing ... Redpoint: Remote Destination Trail | Backcountry Riding | Singletrack

Introducing ... Redpoint: Remote Destination Trail | Backcountry Riding | Singletrack

Photos by Scott Haraldson

A key ingredient to riding and exploring real backcountry terrain is having the ability to continually make progress through it. To be able to dive headlong without limitations, whether the trail gains or loses elevation. To confidently and boldly venture beyond the borders of your imagination without concern for overreaching the capabilities of the tools you use. Our contribution to your success in the wild unknown is Redpoint. 

Redpoint is our 27.5”-wheeled 150mm travel trail bike for tackling the roughest and most remote all-mountain terrain. Coupled with 148 x 12mm rear spacing, and Boost-148 crank compatibility, you get increased wheel strength and stiffness, and massive amounts of mud clearance. Redpoint’s layout strikes that fine balance between trail bike climbing prowess and all-mountain descending chops. You’ll finish ascents with plenty of gas left in the tank for wide-open runs down the other side. 

Redpoint Carbon X01

MSRP $5,599

Redpoint Carbon GX1

MSRP $4,599

Redpoint Aluminum GX 2x10

MSRP $3,599


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