Last Chance For Early Bird Pricing: RideCamp 2016

Last chance for Early Bird Pricing for Salsa RideCamp 2016 folks! Don’t miss this fantastic event!

Early Bird Registration Ending Soon! Salsa RideCamp 2016

When I think back to last year’s first edition of Salsa RideCamp a huge flurry of awesome images come to mind.

RideCamp is an event that we dreamed about and seeing it become a reality was incredibly fun and fulfilling for me. I remember there being a point during setup where I said something to the effect of, “Well there’s no turning back now!”.

If I have to pick a single favorite moment from last year’s event, I pick Sunday morning watching the camp come to life again.

The night had been cold. Northern Lights had appeared and been photographed. A fantastic presentation of true wilderness exploration in Alaska had amazed and inspired. Sore legs were in abundance. The RideCamp Family was awakening. Early risers got a morning fire going and took comfort in its heat as the sun slowly overtook the frost that had grown during the night.

That is my favorite moment from Salsa RideCamp 2015.

I wonder what my favorite moment will be this year?

Early Bird Registration for Salsa RideCamp 2016 ends on May 15th. If you love riding bikes, camping, the outdoors, fly fishing, campfires, yard games, and spending time with new friends, then this is an event for you.

I hope to see and meet many of you there.


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