Introducing Woodsmoke

We are pleased to introduce a new Salsa bike model: Woodsmoke

Think of all the ways we talk about the actions, sensations, and experiences we have while riding our mountain bikes: Carve, hop, dive, huck, roll, cut inside, push outside, get loose, pull back, pop off, and million other terms come to mind. Put simply, when you and your bike are working together it seems like you can conquer any obstacle in your path. Each move through a line seems like a cohesive plan between you and your bike. A bike we feel will bring a new level of “cohesiveness” to your riding is the new Salsa Woodsmoke.


Woodsmoke is our new carbon hardtail mountain bike.

Woodsmoke 29+ XO1 in Warm Red...

The Woodsmoke frame is multiple wheelsize friendly, capable of running 29+, 27.5+, or 29er wheels. Each of these different wheel sizes delivers distinct riding characteristics:

29+ creates monumental rollover, traction and momentum.

27.5+ delivers quick, punchy grip and increased line choice.

29er boosts traditional cross-country and climbing speed.

Woodsmoke 27.5+ XO1 in Green...

At the core of Woodsmoke is a progressive trail bike geometry provided by extremely short chainstay lengths between 400 and 417 mm (depending on wheel size).  Shorter than many road bikes, this rear-center length is then paired with long front-centers, short 50 mm stems, and wide handlebars providing the best seat in the house for trail domination. 

Woodsmoke 29+ GX1 in Khaki...

We then apply this trail ripping geometry to different wheel sizes by using different tire diameters as an advantage (paired with the adjustability of our Alternator Dropouts Version 2.0) and the ability to run different fork lengths and suspension sag.  Using suspension forks between 100 – 140 mm in travel, or even our rigid Firestarter Carbon fork, the appropriate geometry can be found for how you want to ride Woodsmoke. Longer travel equals slacker headtube angles, while shorter travel (or our rigid Firestarter fork) create quicker, more race-style handling.  Note that 29+ suspension setups do require the appropriate 29+ suspension fork. It is not possible to use your 29er or 27.5+ suspension fork for that setup. 

Of course the Alternator Dropouts also allow you to set up singlespeed should you desire.

Woodsmoke 27.5+ GX1 in White...

Engineer Sean Mailen’s self-described goal for Woodsmoke was to create, “One of the best riding, most versatile hardtails ever. Over the years we’ve continued to push the rear-center lengths (i.e. chainstay length) of our mountain bikes shorter and shorter while increasing mechanical trail. This has allowed us to maintain great balance while creating a bike that is an even more capable trail ripper.” He adds, “Make no mistake about it, Woodsmoke is a screaming fast trail bike. Even set up with 29+ you feel like you are riding a quick, agile hardtail with huge traction.”

Woodsmoke 29 GX1 in Matte Black...

As Sean mentioned above, immediately noticeable on Woodsmoke is the unconventional non-symmetric chainstay arrangement. Industrial Designer Andrew Cottrell describes the driveside chainstay arrangement as “More of a midstay. It allows for the ultra short rear end, but we also worked hard to keep the frame both 1x and 2x drivetrain compatible. That’s an important distinction for riders that still appreciate having that larger gear range over steep terrain.”

Woodsmoke is available in five builds.

Woodsmoke 29+ XO1 – U.S. MSRP $3999.00 

Woodsmoke 29+ GX1 – U.S. MSRP $2999.00 

Woodsmoke 27.5+ XO1 – U.S. MSRP $3999.00  

Woodsmoke 27.5+ GX1 – U.S. MSRP $2999.00

Woodsmoke 29 GX1 – U.S. MSRP $2999.00

AVAILABILITY: ETA for all models of Woodsmoke is December 2016


Woodsmoke 29+ XO1 


Woodsmoke 29+ GX1 


Woodsmoke 27.5+ XO1 


Woodsmoke 27.5+ GX1 


Woodsmoke 29 GX1





Woodsmoke 29+


Woodsmoke 27.5+


Woodsmoke 29 


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