Mukluk – All New For 2017

The Mukluk is entirely new for 2017.

We’re excited to introduce you to the all-new Mukluk.

Mukluk Carbon XO1 in Raw Carbon...

It should come as no surprise to you that we here at Salsa love fatbikes. We were early adopters and immediately loved their versatility and the new experiences they provided us. Since those early days, we’ve helped revolutionize fatbikes, how people think about them and what they do on them. Four years ago, we developed Beargrease, and set the performance standard the rest of the industry followed. Then, we turned the fat world on its head with our full-suspension Bucksaw. With the new Mukluk, the evolution of fatbikes continues.

Mukluk Carbon in Matte Army Green...

The redesigned Mukluk is now available in both carbon and aluminum. The carbon frame has a refined stiffness profile, tuned to be a little more comfortable and compliant than its speed-oriented sibling, Beargrease, and more suited towards longer days in the saddle exploring. The alloy frame is constructed of top-shelf 6066-T6 aluminum.

Both frames feature our proven Alternator dropouts, the carbon using our new Version 2.0. The Mukluk Carbon comes spec’d with a two position Alternator Dropout fixed plate, with the first of the two positions allowing room for a 4.7” tire on a 70mm rim while providing a chainstay length of 432mm– the shortest fatbike chainstay available. The second position sets the wheel a little further back giving you options for larger tire/rim combinations. Adjustable plates are available aftermarket for singlespeed or fine tuning geometry/ride quality. Alternator Dropout V2.0 feature anti-slip grip to prevent any unwanted movement from pedaling or braking forces. The Alternator Dropout V2.0 is still Alternator 190 Rack compatible when used with a Salsa Rack-Lock seatpost clamp. The alloy frame uses our original Alternator Dropout V1.0 dropouts with still very short 440mm chainstays.

Mukluk Carbon GX1 in Dark Red...

197mm rear dropout spacing and a 100mm threaded bottom bracket allows a wide range of crank (and q-factor) choices whether you choose 1 or 2x drivetrains.

Mukluk geometry features a 69-degree headtube angle, a 73-degree seat tube, and a 63mm bottom bracket drop. The toptube is a little longer which plays well with current rider preferences for 60 to 70mm stems.

Mukluk NX1 SUS in White with Black...

Other frame features include two bottle mounts inside the front triangle, with an extra accessory mount under the downtube. Bosses on the toptube near the stem mate with our EXP Series Toptube Bag. The routing for derailleurs and rear brake housing are internal through the toptube, and external down the inside of the seatstays. Customizable rubber grommets for the cable ports allow different drivetrain and brake setups. Stealth routing for dropper posts is also provided.

Mukluk NX1 in Blue Teal...

Mukluk is designed and engineered to excel in the wide variety of conditions and terrain fatbikers ride in and on. For those expeditions where 5 miles in a day is a big day, to those besting-your-previous-record singletrack sessions, Mukluk will handle any challenge you throw its way.

Mukluk will be offered in five builds:

Mukluk Carbon XO1 at $4,499.00

Mukluk Carbon X1 at $3,499.00

Mukluk Carbon GX1 at $2,699.00

Mukluk ALU NX1 SUS at $2,499.00

Mukluk ALU NX1 at $1,799.00


ETA for the Mukluk Carbon models is October 2016 (Note: ETA for size XS in these models is November 2016)

ETA for the Mukluk Aluminum models is November 2016


Mukluk Carbon XO1


Mukluk Carbon X1


Mukluk Carbon GX1


Mukluk ALU NX1 SUS


Mukluk ALU NX1







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