Warbird – Updated For 2017

The Warbird is updated for 2017.

Warbird is THE gravel race bike. We hear it at the races and from our peers. It’s no doubt an honor, and it validates our belief that the specific demands of gravel racing warranted a specific machine.

Warbird Carbon Ultegra in Red Orange...

Warbird was built off years of racing experience by many of our sponsored riders and folks in the Salsa Crew. Gravel events like the Almanzo 100, Dirty Kanza 200, and the 340-mile Trans Iowa provided the schooling, and our senior project became the world’s first gravel racing specific bike. There’s a reason why we see such a huge number of Warbirds out on the courses of the ever growing gravel scene; for those looking for speed, comfort, and control, this bike is hard to beat.

Warbird Carbon Rival 22 Hydro in Raw Carbon...

Warbird Carbon Rival 22 Hydro in Teal...

The highlight of the Warbird frame is the Class 5™ Vibration Reduction System. Utilized in both our carbon and aluminum Warbird frames, it features specially shaped seatstays with a tall, thin, vertically oriented profile that promotes vertical compliance by allowing the seatstays to "flex" outwards on impacts. The horizontally oriented chainstays work to resist torque and maintain a laterally stiff rear end. The seatstays and chainstays lack bridges, allowing the full length of the stays to contribute to compliance. And a rear thru-axle locks the system together and delivers precise tracking. Simply put, Class 5 VRS increases rider comfort.

Warbird 105 in White...

Warbird 105 in Purple...

Warbird gets one major update for 2017. We received numerous requests for fender mounts from riders looking for a little more protection in wet weather, so we’ve added some slick hidden eyelets to both frame and fork on the latest edition.

We offer Warbird in both carbon and aluminum models, and in multiple colorways:

Warbird Carbon Ultegra – U.S. MSRP $3,999.00

Warbird Carbon Rival 22 Hydro – U.S. MSRP $2,999.00

Warbird Aluminum 105 – U.S. MSRP $2,299.00

For racing and exploring anything from the often-hazardous B-roads that connect the remotest communities of the Midwest, to the fire roads that reach the edges of the coastlines, riding a Warbird helps you pursue your upper limits in greater comfort.


ETA for Warbird Carbon Ultegra is September 2016

ETA for Warbird Carbon Rival 22 Hydro is late August 2016

ETA for Warbird Aluminum 105 is early September 2016


Warbird Carbon Ultegra 


Warbird Carbon Rival 22 Hydro 


Warbird Aluminum 105 




Warbird Geometry is unchanged for 2017 and can be found on the Warbird pages of our website.


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