150 Yards of the Heck

I hope you enjoy a small gallery of images from the first, and last, 150 yards of The Heck of the North gravel race.

Photography can be a liberating thing, or a confining one, all depending on your attitudes or preconceptions. You can view something as limiting, like only having one lens on hand. Or you can take that in stride and turn it into a positive by letting that lens set your vision, and then taking the best photos you can with that tool.

This set of photos wasn’t taken with one lens (3 lenses were used). But they were all taken within 150 yards of the start/finish area. That fact means the images you see show one aspect of The Heck. As you can tell from the muddy bikes and faces, there is certainly another aspect to The Heck; one found on the muddy snowmobile trails found elsewhere on course.

The Heck of the North continues to follow in the spirit of the original gravel races that graced Minnesota. It is a true grassroots gravel race. Come prepared to take on a challenge. Come prepared to enjoy a long day of riding in the north woods. Come prepared to cross the finish line to the easy applause of your co-finishers.

Our thanks to Heck Events promoter Jeremy Kershaw for continuing to put on this classic event. Click here to visit the Heck Events website.

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