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Indoor Rock Climbing

I have been wanting to try rock climbing for the last few years but there hasn’t been a place to do it around my part of the world. A few weeks ago it was announced in the local paper that a new indoor rock climbing centre had opened. I was stoked!

I have been looking for something in addition to mountain biking to help keep me fit but is also enjoyable. I find it very difficult to exercise for exercise sake and rock climbing appears to be an awesome full body work out, and in particular the upper body which gets neglected by riding.

Anyhoo, my dad and I headed out to the Albury Indoor Rock Climbing centre this morning and had a crack. Matt, one of the owners was great, he took us through the training and all the safety procedures before letting us at it. As it was our first ever session we took it relatively slow to get the hang of it but we had an absolute blast. Talk about a workout, sweat pouring off us and a huge pump in the forearms.

I can see a new addiction forming.

(Excuse the dodgy photos, a lovely random lady took them for me on my iPhone)

My old man is in his 60’s, rides or runs everyday and hooked into the climbing no problems.
I hope I am half as fit as he is in 30 years time.

Spiderman, Spiderman, does whatever a spider can… well sort of.

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