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It’s a League Game, Smokey…

While it may all seem like fun and games here at Santa Cruz Bicycles, we take some things pretty damn seriously. Like, umm, well, some things. Stuff, maan. You know? Stuff. So when it was announced that we had a scant few entries into the Downieville Classic AM race up for grabs, which were part [...]

The Chapin Effect

He’s an odd looking bird, our Scott Chapin. And a pretty damn fast bike rider. Also, consider this a blessing or a curse, he doesn’t seem to be handicapped by a whole lot of humility. So it wasn’t surprising to return from lunch recently and find the “sponsorship request” he’s flying in the photo above [...]


“JRA” is one of those bike shop/bike industry commonalities. Everyone has heard it, everyone has their story about it. “Dude, I was Just Riding Along and…” There is something glorious about it – in that everyone from the kid who sweeps the floor in the most out of the way shop, to the Captains Of [...]

Stairway To Warranty

This is Willie. He is the King of Warranty here at Santa Cruz Bikes. You got a warranty issue, you gotta go through him. He deals with each and every one of your warranty claims – your legitimate concerns when something is not right with your new bike, your pain when something breaks unexpectedly, your [...]

Now It Can Be Told

We (the royal “we”) did a lot of soul searching before we decided follow up on lat week’s CANnery Cup cheap beer taste off. Honest. See, there’s the very real fear that people who may have accidentally tripped over this blog while trying to find out “proper” information about Santa Cruz Bicycles could end up [...]


Most people assume that the initials SCB stand for Santa Cruz Bicycles. What they don’t know is that the initials are really shorthand code for an end of the month all hands on deck phenomenon known as Shitloads of Cardboard Boxes. Kinda cool to see all those boxes get emptied out, turned into bicycles, then [...]