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The Dust Never Settles

No, it just turns to mud, or rain, or sometimes shitrain, but the concept of the dust settling, allowing us to get a glimpse of the horizon and collect our bearings? Pah. It doesn’t happen around here. There will always be a new fire to put out, a fresh hand grenade to dive onto, a [...]

Thursday Ewok Break

We were going to start this post by compiling all the South Africa track walk, track design, track speculation threads and videos into one place and starting some betting action. But it’s the day before Earth Day, one day after National Stoner Day, and polite gentle mention of the fact that it is almost Earth [...]

Jammed Throttle

Apologies for the relative silence around here. We were on a massive cat herding expedition, one that found us in the wilds of southwestern Utah, wrangling new bikes into the light of day before the intense scrutiny of the bike media. And the whole expedition chewed up time like a voracious beast. Initially, there had [...]

The Joys Of Local Politics

There was a meeting last night at the clubhouse in Harvey West park, where Park Superintendent Steve Hammack laid out a plan to build a 1.5 mile trail along the eastern side of Pogonip, linking town to the U-Conn trail leading up to the UCSC campus. Pogonip has a long and contentious history with regard [...]

The D-Ville in The Details

Garen Becker, above (photo courtesy of the sharp-eyed strange angel, is showcasing the highly evolved scoring system we employed at this year’s Downieville Classic to keep track of the BronsonPeople and their standings in the annual Cannery Cup Bragging Rights All Mountain Gongshow. He may have just gone swimming with the results. That’ll happen sometimes. [...]

The Gravity of Things.

2010 Teva Games Slopestyle – More Mountain Bike Videos Exhibit A, the above gem from Spomer’s alter-life, Vitalmtb.com. Of note, Santa Cruz free agent Logan Peat sneaking a 4th overall in the Teva Mountan Games slopestyle competition AHEAD of Santa Cruz Syndicate’s lovable wall of muscle, Jamie Goldman. Not too shabby on either of their behalfs, [...]


It has been a while folks, and aside from a gargantuan list of “shit that must get done” there is no excuse for the silence from this end of the wire. We shall try to be more proactive about not being silent in the upcoming days/weeks/months, especially since we just got guilt tripped by the [...]