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Three Totally Unrelated Videos to Chew Upon

First up, this gem from Corey Adams:

It should be noted that Corey is the man behind the masterful Macho Taildrop film, as well as the similarly masterful Manwolf videos floating around under various guises on the internets. The reason for this video being here, however, is not to blow smoke up the ass of Mister Adams, but to blow smoke up the hindquarters of our boss, The Legend. Or, to those who know him in a less formal manner, Rob Roskopp. Please note, the above video is LONG. But the first few minutes are a gigantic Rob Roskopp/Jimbo Phillips high five. The rest of it is pretty cool, if you are into insider art and skating. But it’s not as cool as Corey Adams’ finest hour so far:

Damn, that never gets old… Changing gears, one of our Free Agents, Logan Peat, appears to have snuck into the basement of what promises to be a pretty dang entertaining summer, courtesy of Red Bull and Brandon Semenuk’s none too shabby house in the woods:

Keep an eye on that one. Lastly, but by no means leastly, we’ll leave you with this, what has to be the best damn ad for a gym ever:

Drawing a real vague circle, we can’t help but believe that Roskopp is down with Eric Kelly’s way of doing things…



The title of this post is supposed to immediately invoke the dialogue between Uma Thurman and John Travolta in Pulp Fiction whereby she is telling him a joke at the end of a night on the town that would have been awesome if it wasn’t for that pesky heroin problem. In case you are one [...]