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Specialized Prevail Helmet

A side view (See I told you it looked good!)

This is a helmet that I’ve been looking forward to.  For the last two years I’ve been using the S-Works Helmet & have been very pleased w/ it.  Light, easy to use, well ventilated, etc.  All the standard stuff you look for in a helmet, done very well & it looks good (IMHO).  Biggest drawback was it fit a bit snug, rather oblong not round in shape.  I was right on the cusp of a L & well vanity wouldn’t let me go there.

The Prevail’s claim to fame isn’t just the whole light & ventilated thing, rather it’s aerodynamic advantages.  It’s the first regular road helmet really done w/ aerodynamics on a par w/ weight & comfort.  Specialized claims that the Prevail will put you 250 meters farther down the road after an hour riding at 250 watts than you would be wearing a Giro Ionos.

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Initial Thoughts (1/8/11):

  1. Fit problem solved in Med. it’s a great fit for me, between the old one & a Bell.
  2. It’s looks if any thing to be better ventilated, then the S-Works one.
  3. It’s light. Claimed weight 215g, ours was 227g (not claimed but still reasonable)
  4. Arguably better adjustment. By the way look back at the ’10 TDF. The Specialized guys all used their new Prevails, Giro’s new wonder helm wasn’t universally taken to. Something to think about.
  5. Again IMHO it’s good looking (even Sam likes it & it used to be he didn’t like the big vents @ the back).
  6. Biggest two Drawbacks:  1. It’s pricey @ $230.  Why are helmets so much anyway?  2.  It takes a keen eye to notice spot it over Specialized’s $110 Propero.  On the other hand while we can’t perhaps afford Di2, we could fork out the money for the very best helmet out there, so…


This helmet has been the bomb. Never have I liked a helmet before, I’ve always tolerated them. As a friend of mine who’d been a Pro in the late ’80s put it “I wish somebody somewhere could give me one good reason to NOT wear a helmet”. That’s kind of been my view.

However, I have found two more “negatives”

  1. I have left it at quick mart stops. I’m not kidding. There is so little to the helmet that one can on occasion forget about it & flat out leave it behind.
  2. It’s a cold helmet in the winter. If you don’t like wearing skull caps do not use this helmet.

I have found a “solution” to the glasses issue. I use quotes around solution because I am not coordinated enough to place them in the back while on the move.