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Cool Hand Lukewarm

We were going to jumpstart the blog, again, with a nicely worded rant on the brewing local shitfight over the proposed Pogonip trail. But that is going to be a bile filled rant, and it needs a bit more time to percolate before I go online and offend just about every member of the old [...]

Honor Roll

Ever noticed how “honor roll” is pronounced almost exactly the same as “on a roll”? Well, it is. To that end, a recap of recent events amongst the unsung heroes who ride our bikes would have to include the following: Wherein British hardman Dave Buchanan last weekend completed a staggering ride – somewhere around 447 [...]

Peruvian Nomads

We were going to post up a collection of the latest round of JRA warranty pictures, but then we decided it would be more fun if we instead posted a roundup of really embarrassing sponsorship pitches. A bout of conscience made us feel guilty about that, and right then as we were wondering what to [...]

Thursday Ewok Break

We were going to start this post by compiling all the South Africa track walk, track design, track speculation threads and videos into one place and starting some betting action. But it’s the day before Earth Day, one day after National Stoner Day, and polite gentle mention of the fact that it is almost Earth [...]

The Chapin Effect

He’s an odd looking bird, our Scott Chapin. And a pretty damn fast bike rider. Also, consider this a blessing or a curse, he doesn’t seem to be handicapped by a whole lot of humility. So it wasn’t surprising to return from lunch recently and find the “sponsorship request” he’s flying in the photo above [...]

Stairway To Warranty

This is Willie. He is the King of Warranty here at Santa Cruz Bikes. You got a warranty issue, you gotta go through him. He deals with each and every one of your warranty claims – your legitimate concerns when something is not right with your new bike, your pain when something breaks unexpectedly, your [...]


The weather came and got good and real here on the coast this weekend past. Weather is why God invented cyclocross. Or maybe cyclocross is why God invented weather. Six of one, half a dozen of the other. Toe-may-toe, tow-mah-tow. Anyway, it was a good weekend for toe-spikes. And, by that same reckoning, it was [...]

Friday’s Bully Pulpit

I was in the passenger seat of a car recently, and for reasons that shall not be discussed here, Rob Zombie’s “Dragula” was coming through the speakers. This initiated a conversation about just what the hell he was actually singing here: Was it “Dig through the ditches, and burn through the witches, and phlegm in the [...]