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The Alpine Assault 2010 (Jan 2011)

The Alpine Assault was scheduled for December 12th last year but due to excessive rain it was moved to the 16th January 2011. You can catch my last year’s ride report here.

I started writing a race report but it, well, sounded very much like last years report. So I thought I would communicate it via interpretative dance….

Maybe not, so here are some photos and a video of it. I almost very nearly did not finish this race and it got me thinking about us humans, endurance events and our stupid brains, however that deserves it’s own post, so look out for that one.

Obligatory dorky shot of Jas at registration the night before the race.

Pretty awesome shot at dusk from the top of Falls Creek.

Our steeds. Jas is @iamspecialized as well :)

The 107km race start.

The longer race guys hooning down the black stuff immediately after the start line.

There are some beautiful spots across the high plains of Falls Creek.

On top of the world after a lot of climbing, MUCH downhill to come.

Happens to the best of us bud.

Yes I’m giving the bird. 5 km’s from the finish, dehydrated, no energy,
walking and pretty much beside myself.

Even in my messed up state I managed to stop and take in this view.

The Stumpy was flawless again after 74km.

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