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The Dust Never Settles

No, it just turns to mud, or rain, or sometimes shitrain, but the concept of the dust settling, allowing us to get a glimpse of the horizon and collect our bearings? Pah. It doesn’t happen around here. There will always be a new fire to put out, a fresh hand grenade to dive onto, a [...]


The wonder twins, big A and little a, are on the road again, bringing the good life of the Santa Cruz Demo Tour to the mountain biking masses for another season. They were still building bikes and loading the van here yesterday when everyone else punched the clock and went home, which is the same [...]

Trail Digging to Digging Trails to Digging Out

We ride Downieville a lot. We sponsor a race up there, we have company holidays there, we dig in the dirt there, and we spend a lot of our waking hours designing and building bikes with the terrain up there in that hallowed ground in mind. The trails there are a glorious mix of high [...]

So Sayeth The Breeze…

Initially, this post was going to be all about the ongoing clusterhump that defines trail access here in Santa Cruz, counterposing the NIMBY dipshits that are trying to stall out progress in Pogonip (and the chance to maybe derail heroin traffic by building trails) against the “we have seen the enemy and it is us” [...]

The Joys Of Local Politics

There was a meeting last night at the clubhouse in Harvey West park, where Park Superintendent Steve Hammack laid out a plan to build a 1.5 mile trail along the eastern side of Pogonip, linking town to the U-Conn trail leading up to the UCSC campus. Pogonip has a long and contentious history with regard [...]