Mike Skiles


"I just love to ride my bike" — this quote really best sums his deep affection for the sport of cycling (if we are closed unexpectedly, that’s why). Mike has been actively involved in the local cycling community for over 30 years now. Starting when he was just a little fella, Mke discovered his passion for staying on two wheels. Throughout his teenage years he traveled the country racing BMX bikes. Soon thereafter, Mike’s profound appreciation for mountain biking began to unfold, at which point he developed his graceful riding style, floating through the woods, as a bird through the air.  I was introduced to MTN Biking back in ’89 & can to this day remember coming to an abrupt halt when Mike would bunny-hop the 4′ log right in front of me.  Of course Mike being Mike just assumed this wasn’t an issue or particular skill so he’d not bothered to mention it to any of us folk following.  Thanks Mike. Safety tip:  don’t try to keep up w/ him on a descent (road or mountain), that can lead to a nice crash for you.

Here’s an old school photo of him jumping during his BMX days:

Today, Mike is a very non discriminatory lover of bikes. He is also your man for repairs great & small. If you want the answer to virtually anything bike related come to Mike, but you might have to wait a bit.  He wears about 10 hats & seems to be juggling 20 different things simultaneously.   Don’t be afraid to ask someone else in the shop for help.

Brief note about the first photo. Perhaps you noticed the beers in Mike’s hands (he’s not double fisting, one’s mine) well…  We were in Vegas for Interbike.

Monday was nice but on Tuesday it rained, absolutely sheets of it. First time in Dirt Demo’s history. We did a road ride that morning, got soaked, changed, went back & spent the afternoon drinking beer. Guilt about not riding almost caused us to go get our kit, but the beer won out in the end. Cheers.