What’s Up with the Suck?

The SuckSuck Creek is an actual location… one of our favorite places: it’s home to awesome swimming holes, a great road ride, high exposure singletrack bluff riding, and outstanding sandstone 5.11+ rock climbs.

The Suck is merely a memory now, but it was once a wild whitewater shoals where Suck Creek tumbled down from Signal Mountain and emptied into the Tennessee River. Barges and steamboats had to be carefully guided through this rapid, and those going upstream had to be pulled with transom winches or pack teams from the shore.

The Tennessee is no longer a free-flowing river, but the spirit and power of the Suck remains. Today, you can drop a canoe or raft or alligator float into the river at the mouth of Suck Creek and drift endlessly in a huge eddy. It’s a pastime we’ll go back to someday when we are not so busy having other types of fun in the area.

High on a sandstone bluff on the Mushroom Rock trail, overlooking Suck Creek canyon, the original inspiration for Suck Creek Cycle came while discussing bike advocacy with Charlie Gandy of the Bicycle Federation of America.